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We deliver a wide range of services from program consulting and development to continuous improvement. We provide optimal and uninterrupted quality services to our Clients across the province and beyond by working with professional Consultants and those that are currently registered as certified External Consultants with the approved Certifying Partners under the Partnership for Injury Reduction (PIR) programs. We offer the following services for small, medium-sized, and large companies alike.

Safety Auditing Services
For auditing, we will work with your company through the registration process and provide quality reports according to the PIR standards. Our team provides audit services that meet Partnerships’ standards and easily passes our certifying partner’s quality assurance process without issues. This applies to companies pursuing either a Certificate of Recognition (COR) or Small Employer Certificate of Recognition (SECOR) type of certification.

General OHSMS services
Our team of experts also provide general OHSMS services that will assist your company in achieving its goal of injury prevention through the provision of strategic processes and safety initiatives. Such services are, but not limited to
➢ Behavioral-Based Programs,
➢ Project Management and Consulting,
➢ Injury Management,
➢ Formal Risk Assessment and Controls,
➢ Worksite Safety Inspections,
➢ Quality Root-Cause Analysis Techniques for Incident Investigations, and
➢ Managing Third-Party Contractor Management/Pre-qualification Systems (Avetta, ISNET, ComplyWorks, CQ Network, etc.)

Gap Analysis
Whether you are seeking to identify gaps within your OHS programs or looking forward to upgrading your safety processes, our team of experts will assist in performing a gap analysis of your OHS management system to address deficiencies and recommend improvement processes based on legislative requirements. Again, our goal is to provide unique quality services based on our academic backgrounds, professional skills, and industry experiences.

Program Development – Customized
Yes, we will assist in customizing your OHS programs to align with your company’s work scope(s). Upon assisting small, medium, and large organizations in the past, it is understood that the world of health and safety is mostly document duplication or plagiarism (or what some people will call “copy and paste”). We will take our time to study your work processes and help you develop and implement the OHSMS that fits your company and prevent bulky manuals or redundancies that employees are not willing to read.
Upon performing a walk down of your work area and having a clear understanding of your work scopes, which includes a thorough gap analysis, our team of experts will ensure we build quality OHS programs (i.e. policies, standards, procedures, rules, and practices) that address your company needs. We are specialized in building from scratch or working with you to upgrade an existing OHS program.
For first-timers working towards COR or SECOR, we will ensure we work with you to qualify for external audit approval from an approved Certifying Partner in order to achieve your certification and compete within the vast industry.

Contract Health and Safety Specialists
We understand that most big clients now require contractors/subcontractors to have onsite health and safety representatives present on their worksites in order to champion and support safety requirements during the duration of a project. The good news is that we are here to assist you in providing knowledgeable and experienced safety professionals to help achieve these goals.
Our contract OHS advisors have field experience, flexible, and can work full-time or part-time at shutdowns, turnarounds, or act as coverage during a vacation, leave, or time-off periods.

Industries we provide services
We are not bound by location. While we provide all kinds of occupational health and safety consulting services for various industrial sectors, we are also focused on quality, client satisfaction, and competitive cost-effective services for your business.
Oil and Gas