About Boova Safety Consulting Ltd.

Boova Safety Consulting Ltd. provides various competitive services as an occupational health and safety (OHS) consulting firm. From the workplace perspective, we are committed to providing safety strategies and initiatives that are second to none; and will help your business remain competitive by establishing standardized and customized OHS programs and processes in order to meet or exceed legislative requirements and industry standards.

Our experience over the past 10 years has produced a team of qualified professionals who will work with your company and tailor various health and safety programs towards your scope of work and ensure all directive documents including operational documents are functioning at its best. To achieve this, we strongly believe in the internal responsibility system; and that while your company is in the process of continuous growth on a yearly basis, your greatest assets (i.e. your employees) deserve a healthy and safer workplace that will help boost work morale, build a management-to-worker trust, and further increase productivity.


We offer the following services for small, medium-sized, and large companies alike.

Safety Auditing

For auditing, we will work with your company through the registration process and provide quality reports according to the PIR standards. Our team provide audit services that meet Partnerships’ standards

General OHSMS

Our team of experts also provide general OHSMS services that will assist your company in achieving its goal of injury prevention through the provision of strategic processes and safety initiatives.

Gap Analysis

Whether you are seeking to identify gaps within your OHS programs or looking forward to upgrading your safety processes, our team of experts will assist in performing a gap analysis of your OHS

Program development

Yes, we will assist in customizing your OHS programs to align with your company's work scope(s). Upon assisting small, medium, and large organizations in the past, it is understood that the world of health

Contract Health & Safety Specialists

We understand that most big clients now require contractors/subcontractors to have onsite health and safety representatives present on their worksite in order to champion and support safety requirements

Industries we provide services


Oil & Gas







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